Monday, February 19, 2007

Welcomes and Intros

Err, new guy, how's it going? Take a pew, er, I mean seat, and join in the discussions. So you're my alter-ego, eh? Interesting. Welcome to the Thought Foundry. Hope it isn't too bright in here for you. It's okay folks, dr akula is just me in a bad mood under another name, nothing to worry about. He doesn't bite. I hope. No doubt he'll just sit there in silence until he feels like ranting about some hypocracy or other, either that or taking the mickey out of me and the way I write. I always find that discussions go better when there's a devil's advocate around, and that's his job. So, over to him ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. It's nice to be here. You know it's taken you this long to come up with another scary sounding name beginning with 'dr', I'm disappointed. Get it together, Eamer, you cretin.

10:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely right. Nice photo by the way. You look a little pale though, been getting much sun?

10:57 am  

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