Thursday, February 01, 2007

Virtual Activist

Based on the article below, something should be done, but what? Well, we at Virtual(ly an) Activist have come up with an idea that might be able to hit several birds with one stone. Speaking metaphorically of course.

We've decided to let YOU decide. In each post of V A, we'll give YOU, the readers, a list of options to choose from, and after a certain time limit, we’ll count up the votes and do whatever suggestion draws the most.

Today’s suggestions open to the vote are:

A) Write a letter to the CEO of coca cola, outlining how I feel about the above (below) news re the human rights violations of the corporation, and ask them what they intend to do about their policies in the future.

B) Never drink coca cola again.

C) Send emails to everyone I know, effectively spreading the dirt around, asking them to boycott the company and never drink it again.

D) Write a letter to my local paper outlining the above and encouraging a large-scale boycott campaign.

E) Organize a protest about said human rights violations, in my area.

F) Design T shirts with stylish anti-coke designs on them.

G) Investigate further to find out if my information can really be corroborated.

H) Ask my readers to help me and offer to do one each of the above (A-G).

I) Have a coke and forget the whole thing.

J) Do one of the above for something more weighty than the Coke issue.

That’s it. I hereby promise on pain of losing what little credibility I have, that I will do, or at least try to do, whichever of these courses of action is chosen by the people.

Let the voting commence!


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