Saturday, March 10, 2007

9 month-ish anniversary

I wanted to call this a 9 month anniversary, but I can't remember exactly when I started this blog - must have been last June or so, which is close enough.

I have to confess I got a bit distracted in February and lost my way a bit. Sorry about that, folks. Many thanks to those of you who continue to read anyway - very encouraging.

I used to be able to post from my cell phone, but can no longer do that, which is a downer, but at least now I can read comments on my cell almost as soon as they're added.

There have been a couple of encouraging things in the papers recently, for example, Richard Branson's offer of a $25 million prize to anyone who can come up with an effective way to capture the CO2 in the atmosphere, and Al Gore's movie did the rounds here in the cinemas, getting people's attention, which is great. But who knows if it will be enough to make a dent?

I'm on detox today by the way, meaning no coffee, which hopefully explains why I sound like I have a hangover, which is actually also true...

Anyway, some successes :

  • The Thought Foundry still exists, even after 9 months and brush with destruction
  • 4 chapters of the story "The Omikron Plague" written in an attempt to encourage people to wonder what might happen should we carry on the way we're going
  • Scrap book started for interesting, pertinent newspaper articles on environment, politics etc
  • Speech suggesting ways people can cut down on energy consumption or needless wasting of resources written in Japanese and delivered (unskilfully) to hall full of about 60 Japanese people. Same speech posted on Japanese Thought Foundry and contact made with one Japanese blogger
  • Got three real people on the contributor's list (excluding myself) and a regular readership of a handful of friendly, proactive - minded folk
  • I did actually write a blues song about what a homeless guy might be thinking when he watches commuters drift through a train station, but have yet to sing it on the streets (I'm still plucking up the courage..)
  • Quite a few Oxfam Unwrapped Christmas presents were given and received by family members, which is great, and my parents have suggested the same if anyone wanted to get them prezzies for their 40th wedding anniversary. They put that on all the invitations, which would be spreading the word for next Christmas/ birthdays etc. too
  • The benefits of herbs and herbal teas discovered to promote health
  • I haven't had a Coke since the last Virtual Activist article

Things to regret:

  • I find it difficult to reach practical solutions to things because of emotional hang-ups due to work, or worrying about my own hypocracy, and hosts of other mental blockages, when really I should try harder to just do the things I set out to do
  • I deleted most of the Thought Foundry due to my own stupidity
  • I still haven't written any letters to politicians/CEOs/newspapers
  • I haven't made much effort to contact more people
  • I'm getting a bit sick of the sound of my own voice, especially on Friday nights in bars over beer and (Marlboro) cigarettes
  • I haven't re-suggested the sponsored Riverside Walk idea to my boss

Things to aim for for the next anniversary:

  • Focus on getting results rather than all the mental BS
  • Write 2 letters/emails. One to local paper, one to a politician
  • Spend more time trying to find like-minded bloggers
  • Give up smoking for good
  • Re-suggest the Riverside Walk idea
  • Design a poster for the copying room in the school encouraging teachers to switch off lights and use paper sparingly (shrinking A4 worksheets to halfsize etc)
  • Find an online T shirt printing company and get some funky green slogans designed
  • Talk less and do more

There. I have a direction. Now all I have to do is try and induce a little effort and get moving.


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Happy 9 month thingy!

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